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March 23, 2015

I wonder
If you think I really love you
And is it cruel of me
To think that I do,
But suspect that I don’t,
And still go on living smoothly,
With kisses interspersed in between.



These are lonely summer nights
Dying embers of a burning day
As I twist and turn, sleepless and silent
Looking for light, looking for a way

The sky stretch vast above me
Sombre silence after the storm
Stars look with mute empathy
As I struggle to find my poem

My friends of yore, the stars
They seem so far away tonight
Helpless and distant, and I feel
The hollowness after the fight

Meanings are lost, pasts blurred
A shadow of me, without me
Signs lead to nowhere now
What does it mean, to be?

Hot and sleepless nights
Stars stay the night with me
As I struggle to find my poem
Myself, and the meaning to be