A line of mercury separates us
What is it? A gulf, an abyss?
Is it her name, or his face?
Or the coming fork on the road?

We struggle, to find our feet
To bridge the gap, to meet
We meet, we part
In the chiaroscuro of our art

And when we part again,
Bearing shards of incomplete pain
I write mediocre poetry, hiding
From the mocking prose, brazen and bold


Enjoy the moment. Work for the future. Cherish only the good things from the past, but don’t think about them too much.

There are no wrong choices, there’s only the fear of making the wrong choices.

I find limiting my choices to be an opportunity to let go of the worries about making the wrong choices, and to focus on enjoying the choices I do make. As I’ve explored scarcity, I’ve been left with this one truth: every path I take is perfect.

Leo Babauta (Zen Habits)

Creation is a force much much more inclusive than destruction. Both should not be compared. While destruction can only, singularly achieve destruction only, creation has the power to build this world, over and over again, in as many colors, including the most awful ones, as there are atoms in this universe.


All roads lead to the heart of the Warrior of Light. He plunges in the river of dreams and passion without hesitation.

Paulo Coelho

The music of life finds it greatest expression in something inspired by pure love, be it for any form of life. That’s when each and every word resonates in perfect rhythm, like a painting by the Creator, like a child of the Nature, like a kiss of the lover.