Notes from the No-Man’s Land: End of the Exile

It’s time to end the exile.

I’ve been here in no-man’s land for quite some time. The arrival was very unexpected. I had always counted upon my ability to find my way back home no matter how badly lost I was. But somehow, it was not to happen this time. I was irrevocably lost this time. Not just in any unfamiliar place, but a place without any characteristics. Basically I had no option but to bide my time in the open cell.

There were a lot of questions to ask, even more kept emerging, but the answers remained vague and not exactly traceable. During the endless days, I lost my secretkeeper, a sparrow who used to perch on my shoulder daily and talk to me. I didn’t stop her, it was better for her to leave a dead place and the other inhabitant which can at best be described as a half-zombie.

But the answers did start to show themselves. Not completely, but in short glimpses of clarity. The vagueness and the mist was still there, but the form could be deciphered. With that the horizons began to appear in this boundlessly finite continuum.

I too have to go from here now. To where I don’t know. For all the heavy rains in August outside, it was dead and dry for me in this no-man’s land. The eerie wall of silence, which reflected back my own thoughts seem to be gradually disappearing and I can sense things around.

But there is no direction home now. No destination to go anymore. Just the pathways. Will have to walk along with the journey, wherever it takes me. As of now, the No-Man’s Land is slowly fading away.

I hope no sleep for me this September.

P.S.- This is the last post of the series. I hope I won’t bother you with my baffling mindless abstract twaddle anymore. Can’t be really sure though.


2 thoughts on “Notes from the No-Man’s Land: End of the Exile

  1. trekwords

    ……when the end is not sure of its end…then the journey definitely outgrows the path….the exile sends the world to extinction….and I rub my palms to erase all love for the destiny while it gets pierced….mercilessly , one after another,…….by arrows flying from the land of eternity…..
    A fine post, Mohit !


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