Companionship in life can stop some of your dreams in your tracks, some, not all. Who knows, but life has a way of dealing with things, you can have some, but you can’t have it all to yourself. Greed leads to misery, in all aspects of life. 

One who embraces loneliness, is a greedy person, in a way. But he chooses greed at a cost. One who embraces loneliness, seeking completeness in himself, an inner perfection of all the faculties of life, is bereft of one vital thing-companionship. I sometimes think, loneliness slowly consumes a person, surrounds all around him, from inside and outside. It becomes his shroud, the all-consuming, all pervading characteristic, shadowing the faculties towards whose perfection he once chose the loneliness for. This is quite ironic. 

We are not talking about Buddha, obviously. Loneliness comes at a great risk, and often a great price, for those who dare, arrogantly one may almost say, to choose it. 


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