Nightmares of Narutoverse-III

Looks like my harsh criticism opened up Kishi’s eyes to the disaster he was turning the series into :D.

The last time I wrote was pretty boring and we still were supposed to be having the 4th Shinobi World War which was just a big farce. Since then Kishi has at least managed to turn our attention to the less boring, more logical aspects of the War rather than the simply ridiculous ones, like Madara kicking the shit out of the five Kages (I frankly believe that Oonoki and Tsunade should ideally die in such a battle, with the other three barely surviving, if at all). Main playerss like Kabuto, Sasuke, and Itachi finally came into play. Watching Kabuto’s strength increasing even further was a fresh and interesting turn of events, even though that Dragon Sage form was looking pretty much ludicrous and not threatening at all in the same terms as Orochimaru. Most importantly I didn’t have to bear with that bastard Naruto‘s mug for quite a long time.

This is not to say that we should all start gloating over how cool the series is. It’s just saved itself from a disastrous ending, but yet it’s more or less going in the same direction. I don’t see much use of Itachi even now (aahh…the glory days of Akastuki are over…), Sasuke’s clueless as hell, and Tobi’s and Naruto’s fight is beyond all realms of reality and logic now(thankfully I don’t have to bear it since few episodes).

As I said the last time, the open threads are swarming like honey-bees and Kishi’s doing nothing to end them. Unless some of them have been resolved, the series will retain this air of intense and wasteful confusion.

And what’s more, he’s introducing more and more nonsense into it. Now what the hell is Izanami? The last time he appeared, he chanted “Komo-Amatsukami” as if this is the last word in Sharingan technique. This is what I hate most about Sharingan users (or their creator, whose name is taken in every second line). Make a set, and STICK to it. Instead you make a new one for every situation. This is just like we’d keep seeing a new power of Superman every two-three episodes or so, until 500 episodes! After a point it’ll become pointless, fatiguing, and irritating. This is what it has become. I don’t wanna see any new eye jutsus, I just wanna see these Sharingan users doing, what they do best, being cool and awesome and kicking some ass. Instead they are all dead, consumed and rendered powerless by hatred, or if by any chance back from dead, then in a saintly, preaching mode. Fuck Off!

It’s high time, and probably the last time, Kishi restore the dignity of Uchiha clan. There are not much likeable characters left in the series.


2 thoughts on “Nightmares of Narutoverse-III

  1. Saurabh Tripathi

    Nicely written…. And yeah… izanami… the power that can change destiny… its a bit
    too much to handle…


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