Writer’s Block: Version 2.0

Writer’s Block. Wikipedia says Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task at hand.

For me, it’s often not a period, but a blockage that keeps shifting bases in my brain. Only instead of hemorrhage, it causes inability to write, or more correctly, inability to think anything worthwhile to write. But this time, it’s not a hemorrhage. This time it’s a block. The solid, old, writer’s block. And of a different kind. The writer’s block that I’m experiencing doesn’t allow me to write, or even think at length, about things which are personal, abstract, or opinions which are personal to some extent. And I know why this all is happening.

I’m trying to numb the turbulence created in my brain due to some incidents. Now, to stop that wild turbulence from affecting any of my life’s areas and destroy it, I have to try my best to anesthetize it, to numb it down to a state of suspended shock. Even in this endeavor I’m not entirely successful because it is there, always, at all times. I’m ignoring it persistently, focusing on other things in the hope it will go. In my efforts to ignore it persistently, in my efforts to anesthetize the turbulence, the other type of turbulence, the creative turbulence invariably ends up getting anesthetized too. I can’t help it. If I’ve to escape from some personal corrosive incident, I’ve to shut out the whole personal stuff altogether. And this segregation, creates this writer’s block.

It’s okay, completely cool for me to write about books, or music, or mangas if I like. But here, on Prairie Wind, I am at a loss what to write. When I search my mind for already stored topics to be written in future, I find nothing. My brain has quarantined everything away from the conscious. And I don’t know what would have happened if it all had been there. Thankfully it’s not. So basically it’s just emptiness. Words, but no framework to embed them into.

Anyways it looks like I managed to squeeze few words at least through the personal mental block, hehe. I see a fallow period in the coming days. End-semester examinations are coming on swiftly, just 10 days away. They’re much better alternative to occupy my mind with, with all the anxiety, tension and hectic activity.


14 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Version 2.0

  1. Akash

    After reading this, I am suffering from a comment block 😐
    Its okay to have turbulence in your mind, but remember one thing, every dark cloud has a silver lining 😉

    Great work!

  2. sulekha (@sulekkha)

    Writer’s block is a deadly disease and the only cure is to abstain from writing.
    This feeling of nothingness goes away after a while, just don’t think too much about it. We all suffer from this from time to time 🙂

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      i can’t abstain from writing even if i wanted to. i will produce crap and keep them from myself in that case 😉
      will have to wait for the circumstances to change, or change them myself

  3. mayankrajput61

    Wow man, Thanks!
    I knew that it was not uncommon to get stuck but i didn’t know it was such a profound problem 😛
    Another thing just a personal suggestion.
    if their is a turbulence inside of you, let it come out in the form of words.
    Start writing something without a plan, without a structure.
    ” I feel really strange right now its as if my whole being is ….. go on and on and on …”

    you will end up writing something that will sort out a lot of problem for you and you may very well end up writing a masterpiece .

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      thanks man! 🙂
      getting stuck becomes a problem only when it’s compounded by something mentally disturbing…
      yeah, i do what you’re saying, in times like these, starting without a structure. it has helped me many a times 🙂

  4. Jyoti Mishra

    happens… and this ‘block version 2.0’ of yours has rendered a hell of a post..
    u poured it all here.. m pretty sure u might b feelin lil better now 😛
    Hang in there pal. . I wish this phase shall pass soon 🙂

    n Good luck with exam [ I know we student fraternity needs it in loads] 😀

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