The payment due

Just now I chanced upon a news in Huffington Post regarding preposterous imprisonment sentences. Pedro Pimentel Rios, a special forces soldier of Guatemalan military army was sentenced to 6060 years in prison. “Okay, I’ve heard these things”, moving on, “Guatemala’s civil war claimed at least 200,000 lives before it ended in 1996. The country’s U.S.-backed army was responsible for most of the deaths, according to the findings of a truth commission set up to investigate the bloodshed.” My eyes rested on the words “U.S.-backed army”. So, this was the same thing happening in one more country.

Checking on Wikipedia, it says on Guatemala’s page: “Guatemala became independent from Spain in 1821, joining the Mexican Empire. After it became an independent country in its own right, it was ruled by a series of dictators, assisted by the United Fruit Company. The late 20th century saw Guatemala embroiled in a 36-year-long civil war.” United Fruit Company is an American corporation dealing with imports of tropical fruits from Central America to U.S. Though it has been accused of exploitative neo-colonialism and influencing and destroying the power balance and civil and military structure in fragile republics like that of Central America, few steps (or more correctly, NONE) are ever taken to make them pay for the enormous damage (in financial, resources and human terms) they incur on a nation. After a period of financial decline(coinciding with America’s ‘withdrawal’ from the civil war), the company got through a series of mergers and take-overs and is now rests safely in history nominally and operates in reality under the name of Chiquita Brands International.

Moreover checking on pages about the civil war, the Guatemalan civil war started when, inspired by the Communist revolutions across the world, government was formed instituting liberal democratic reforms and strengthening of working and labor class. This was unacceptable to the U.S. who couldn’t bear a country, howsoever small and inconsequential as Guatemala, to try to use communism to uplift from the shit-hole it has been submerged in by the big boot of the European capitalists forces intent to colonize the world and suck the life forces out of the likes of Africa and Latin America. U.S. quickly launched a mini-operation to install a military leader, a thoroughgoing anti-communist government. And thus started the 36-year old civil war which cost more than 200,000 lives, about 80% of which were innocent Mayans. Not only that, it kept supplying military aid, military advisers and strategists to support the slow and consistent genocide by the military government there just to eliminate the infinitesimal possibility of a revolutions even remotely alluding to communism in its ideology.

Guatemala paid a heavy price. A nation which suffered hell for four decades through no fault of its own but a desire to rise and develop after centuries of foreign rule. And now, as the news said, the perpetrators of the crimes of the civil war are paying a price too, for doing what they did. But what about those who made it possible? What about the United Fruit Company? What about the United States of America? U.N. spared no breath in condemning the crimes happened in Guatemala, imposing Human Right’s Watch on it for two decades and doing all kinds of things. But what did they do about U.S.? Of course, even asking this question is superfluous, as everybody knows they aren’t going to do anything, as they aren’t capable of. Whatever truth is known, is known through declassified C.I.A. documents, specialists on the civil war, journalists and insiders of erstwhile military government. Carter administration officially stopped the military aid to Guatemala but covert aid went on, often through third-party nations. Bill Clinton ‘apologized’ for U.S.’s stance in the civil war during his term. But what’s an apology gonna do?

Communist domination, communist terror, dictatorship of the communist ideal, downfall of capitalism, individualism, and profit motive, and all the good things, that’s what they’re afraid of, or so it seems, or so they show. But what good does it do? Forget communism, we have no way to know how the leftist government would’ve turned out to be if it was ‘allowed’ to exist by higher powers such as U.S.. But what we do know is what happened due the U.S. intervention in the situation for the ‘benefit’ of the humanity and what it stands for. I don’t need to reiterate.

Of course, this is just Guatemala. I’m not even talking about, and I know nothing about, Vietnam War, U.S.’s role in Gulf and Middle-East, East and North African states. Sometimes I think, I don’t even want to know what happened there.

Communism Domination is the imaginary ghost created by U.S. to boss around over the globe. What we’re seeing are not the horrors of Communism, but the horrors of forces determined to defeat communism, the self-proclaimed vanguards of peace and prosperity.


7 thoughts on “The payment due

  1. Akash

    This communism ideology is starting to backfire at US. First Iran, then Pakistan and now Afghanistan also. I wonder why the UNO is still operating when it is totally dominated by the US. Sigh!

    Good post πŸ™‚

  2. Akash

    Yeah I meant to say that they are misusing it. They are trying to suppress individualistic motives. Bastards 😐

  3. Jyoti Mishra

    loved the inquisitive style of your writing… u keep digging till u read all or like in your case feel disgusted..
    learned few facts from your write up… and I agree with you that Communism Domination is the imaginary ghost…. an enormous amount of atrocities has been done in guise of its name.

    An awesome read !!


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