Points of Authority

……I hope they won’t mind me taking the office of the Vice-Chairman of the company. Of course, they’ll grumble in corners, there will be small dissensions… But on the whole they’ll not think of betraying the authority, because authority and power, my dear friend, are the only two operators which have the ability to tame as wild an animal as man. And they’ll submit, and they’ll obey, all the while hating themselves for having done so.

Authority. Such is the nature, such is the power of authority. It keeps them under check. It keeps them from degrading into mere caricatures of what we proudly call ‘humans’. Without authority, the Goddess of power, the civilization would crumble under its own weight, a victim of its own vanity…..


11 thoughts on “Points of Authority

  1. Akash

    Haha so true
    I wonder how you get to the true stories of life so quickly and write them so elaborately 😉
    I agree with Mayank, you are going to be an icon 😀
    Proud of ya!

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      hehe, thanks man.
      i don’t know about the icon thing. guess i’m too lazy, undisciplined and undeserving to be one.
      let’s not talk about ‘icon’ things, shall we? 😉

  2. Jyoti Mishra

    Though no one likes reality, but I agree with u that we all need it to tame the uncontrollable elements within… after reading it I realized that Damn yeah… all the time we always need someone to push us 😛

    Visiting first time and I really loved your space !!

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      thanks jyoti 🙂
      though i would like to say, that i didn’t write this piece for any kind of didactic or moral purpose.
      this was completely a literary piece, written in a fit of randomness, meant to convey nothing except its rather one-sided cynical view on authority.


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