Nightmares of Narutoverse: Part Two

Finally, the bastard Sasuke shows his mug after months of torture. Oh, my eyes have already tears of sweet ol’ times welling up in them.

Over the last month, the manga couldn’t have become more lop-sided and haywire. I had almost given up on it. As if the grotesqueness of the war wasn’t enough, the deification of Naruto reached unprecedented heights. Any manga, heck!, any sensible story, would keep the balance of power between good and evil intact, or at least not disturb enough to cause disbelief. But the story, as it unfolded recently, defied all belief. It flew in your face, yelling “Fuck yeah! I am Naruto, and you are dead as a rat”. So much for his over-confidence. Not only did he achieve every power known in shinobi world, except for dojutsu, he invented new jutsus in the middle of the battles! Jesus H. Christ!

He’s already stronger than anyone on the planet, anyone who has even a cursory sense of shinobi powers and abilities can easily realize that. Infinite amounts of chakra, Sage mode, and now control over Kurama(the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox), and friendship and loyalty of other eight beasts. He is as good as Sage of Six Paths. Then why is this series even going on now? What is the point of hiding Sasuke so much, that now he’s become redundant to the story? Imagine, one of the best characters of the whole manga, absent for like ages, and now the story has moved so far ahead of him, that it will go on as well without him. He’s become redundant! What a mockery…

The open threads are swarming like honey-bees, biting the story in its ass. What the hell has been resurrected Madara doing all this time, cavorting with the Five Kages, since a month, while we see an overblown eulogy of Naruto in manga form. What about the plan he discussed only vaguely with Kabuto while fighting the Kages, which alludes to the real identity of Tobi? Where is Itachi hiding? This devaluation of the most important characters of the series in favor of over-emphasis on Naruto, has compromised the series badly. Gone forever is the glory of Shippudden, with the mighty Akatsuki, avenger Sasuke, Itachi’s sacrifice and Pain’s power.

Now, in today’s manga, Sasuke has shown his face finally. I wonder what’s the use? All this hiding for three months, just for an EMS? Naruto has reached the level of a God in these three months. What’s the use of their face-off now? Much as they try to make it credible, it has already lost much of its realistic feel already.

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7 thoughts on “Nightmares of Narutoverse: Part Two

  1. Dragon Hermit

    hehe…just every naruto watcher’s rage.
    I still remember me being exited on Kakashi’s lines ->”For the first time Kakashi, he sharingan warrior is going to go ona rampage” and then he is shown after 10 editions where naruto’s clones back him up. And now both Kakashi and Guy come into the picture biting each other’s nails. And what exactly does Sasuke offer to scare you, we have seen madara (ultimate mangekyou sharingan + rinnegan + wood element techniques).
    And in the love of naruto the author totally forgot some of the really awsome charcters he created. Now hoew can the author give up on the likes of Neji and Lee.
    If naruto vs sasuke is shown as a potential match, then Kishimoto is the most stupid human on this planet, because gen jutsu will not work on naruto as Kurama is there to wake him up. He has insane amounts of chakra and nine tails form to support him. He can use the fastest physical locomotion technique of the ninja world – The yellow flash.He has perfected the tail beast bomb. He can use rasenshurikken to win over chidori.
    Naruto vs sasuke, the so called ultimate battle between the will of fire and the power of revenge is nothing but a stale wannabe imitation of shodai hokage vs madara.
    EMS sure makes people blind. Both the uchiha brothers- Itachi and sasuke have lost their paths for more than a month.
    Kishi just take an internship under Echiro Oda. He knows hoe to define awesomeness through a manga that has release 600+ editions and still is the (and will be the) best seller in the wrld by an insane margin. An advice from my side – watch One Piece m/


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