Climbing the mountains

When you stand in front of a mountain, it seems so vast, towering over you, covering your sky. Cold, hard, distant, unreachable. When you start walking towards it, you don’t think much of what will happen. You just go. And keep going, as if to fulfill a promise you made to yourself, a commitment not to be broken. You aren’t worried about the results, you just want to keep the commitment, a promise you owe yourself. And for that promise you go.

But gradually the peak starts to show. And you think to yourself, so the mountain isn’t unreachable after all. And you keep going nearer and nearer to that peak. Soon, the commitment to yourself keeps becoming less and less important, and the desire to reach the peak starts to drive you to climb the mountain. The higher you go, the greater the drive. Now there is no need to push.

And finally you reach to the top. The victory is achieved. And you look down over the world, content, happy.

And then you start climbing down. You can’t live at the peak anyways. So you climb down, still content, still happy. And you come back to the plateau where you started your journey. And you live there.

Years pass, and you keep on living in the plateaus. There is nothing to climb, nothing to suffer. No commitments, no promises, no fears, no desires, no drives. Life is easy. And it goes on, some bumps and some ditches to avoid, that’s all.

One day, the plateau starts getting uneven, this makes you uneasy. The road isn’t smooth at all now, more and bigger bumps, more and deeper ditches. And you see a dark shape emerging on the horizon. It makes you the most uneasy and nervous you’ve ever been. But you keep on going.

Soon, the road is the worst it has ever been, and the dark shape takes form of your worst fears. A mountain has come, and your road disappears.

You’re at the end of the road. At the foot of the mountain. As you look upwards, your uneasiness brings back memories you’d forgotten in the easy days on the road. You recall vaguely, you had done something a long time back, something not normal, but you forgot the feeling. And now it all comes back to you.

Cold, hard, distant, unreachable. Towering above you, covering your sky. And you can’t go back. Time to revive some promises, some commitments, you made to yourself. To shake off the dirt on your shoulders.


18 thoughts on “Climbing the mountains

  1. deepu184

    It never ends…mountains keep emerging and our desire to explore the zenith makes our life adventurous but happiness is where our loved ones are waiting for us .As they are the one who give us the courage to climb these mountains when we are lost in dark valleys.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      it’s a bit different deepak, in the context which you’re writing, and in which i’m referring it here.
      I agree with your part 🙂 but i think the presence of loved ones is always there, whether you’re striding a mountain or wandering in valleys

  2. TheChronicR

    That was really amazingly expressed man. 🙂

    Never stop, just keep walking and climbing. That’s what you call “living” anyway.


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