फिर से उड़ चला…

What is this sense of strange longing,
A yearning to fly out
Into the dark sky,
To become an eagle…

A cord urging to break itself,
Yet too dear; will cause immense pain…

Must go through this ritual of pain
To free oneself from this strange cage,

Material, yet not discoverable…

Must break free, from these bonds,
These dear bonds,
As the albatross cries,

A shrieking call to freedom…

The body must be left behind,
for it is my cage…

Can’t be helped,
It’s a part of the bargain…

One death is better than thousand ones of living,
The white snows, and stars, so free they are…


10 thoughts on “फिर से उड़ चला…

  1. TheChronicR

    Beautiful poem.

    Mito did you delete your Facebook? I tried accessing your account or searching it but I didn’t find it. What has happened, if you don’t mind telling?

    Cheers. John

      1. TheChronicR

        Man – that’s bad. When will your exams or whatever they are be over so you can return to facebooking? We’re missing you. We as in the whole blogging community.

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