Goodbye, Steve

This is a guest-post written by a very good friend of mine, and a passionate techie, Shubham Agrawal, paying his homage to Steve Jobs. Many thanks to him for sharing his thoughts with us :). 

You know, ever since this sem started I have been obsessed with Apple.

Maybe that’s because I bought a second hand iPod touch 2G to keep me company during the long commuting hours I had to endure for my “summer training”. I was simply awe-struck by that device. The fact that it was 3 years old, used by someone whom I didn’t knew made it all the more special. I had used other touch devices before but never owned one. And these Samsung and htc knockoffs really seemed cheap and I got bored by them easily.

But this device was special. I completed 2 ebooks on it ( which is a lot for me given my incredibly short attention span :D ). Listened to hours of music and played shitload of games. Even surfed the net sometimes.

Every corner, every inch of that device screamed Steve Jobs. He always strove for making things simple, for beautiful design and intuitive functionality. He knew that we wanted something but didn’t really know it. And that is a sign of a great visionary. I doubt there can be another like him. He is the Devil tempting you to bite the apple. And tempt you he invariably does :).

Last month when he stepped down from the CEO position, I was saddened deeply and began watching all of his keynotes on YouTube. The legendary “1984″ commercial, the tears in his eyes when he unveiled the Mac, the 2007 iPhone keynote, the “one more thing” at the end of his keynotes, the booing of Bill Gates when he announced the partnership of Micro-hack-soft with Apple in 1997, the iPad keynote where he created an entire new segment of devices. And I thought, man! this guy is legendary. I mean, I knew he was good before that but never observed him deeply. After countless hours of reading various internet articles about his background, his methods, his single-mindedness, his failures etc and I was convinced that this was the man I wanted to idealize. I always scoffed at the notion of idealizing a person before that. So Federer has won a few too many grand slams you idealize him?. You don’t know shit about him. You don’t even know how to hold the tennis racquet right!! But this guy is Idol stuff. And I can safely say that after spending so much time reading about him.

Then came the oct 4 iPhone 4s event. I was really excited that I would finally get to see his keynote live expecting him to give atleast a guest appearance. But he was nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, I read the liveblog of that event and followed every bit of news like a teenaged boy. I even watched that crappy “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” movie before the event to psych me up for it( It gets some facts right but the acting is down right pathetic!!)

And in comes this news today. When I look back, it all seems highly eerie. Strangely uncanny. I’ve never been so obsessed with a man’s life before and that too when he was breathing his last few days and I didn’t even know that. It’s like a fairytale. Only the one with a sad, tragic end.

I wish I knew about you earlier in my life, Steve. It could have changed me then. I could have been better today. All I know now that my next phone will be an iPhone, my next laptop a Macbook Air. I will try to imbibe your ideology in my life and continue searching for the thing I love the most.

R.I.P. Steve

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Steve

  1. snklptwr

    Its always a tricky thing to find someone who you can finally say, is the one you idealize..I have still not found my ideal..and my first reaction when my wall was spilling with the “i felt like i lost family” and stuff, on the day jobs died was “Crap! the hell does steve jobs’s death could lead to someone saying he lost his family”.
    But this over-whelming reaction is starting to make sense now..and after reading this article that notion only gains strength..when you truly idealize someone, and he dies, it indeed feels as if someone from family died.

    Nicely written.RIP Steve

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      you’re right man!
      maybe some of the stuff does sounds weird, but it seems understandable when you’ve been crazy about some stuff ipod n iphone, finding all about it, jailbreaking it over n over again, learning coding for it, and all that. and that’s when you start to connect with the ideal Jobs had in mind for all this stuff.
      And that’s why it strikes really hard when you get to know the person whose IDEAL has been your PASSION, has died.


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