Broken Bonds


just caught up…been a busy day… The house was in shambles, so some renovation work was being done today, and had to stay at home today. Now only two days away from departure to Kanpur, I want to meet friends, though I had met them tomorrow. Still had to stay at home 😦

Anyways, The Brothers Karamazov inches ahead persistently :D. And now it has come to the finale, the fourth and the final part of the book has started, with the courtroom trial (for those who’ve read,  that is). I hope to finish it today, and let sleep be damned!

Reading it hadn’t seemed much like slobbering through a tome, as its reading was quite fragmented. Some part was done in Durgapur, and then back home. After that, even now, reading has been done in chopped, intense hours of reading between leisurely days.

Today came across some old memories of past, of some old friends, and the garden of emotions was again rife with yearnings, broken bonds, hatred, jealousy, envy, rivalry, loneliness. Some broken friendships can never be mended. They leave a deep scar on your heart, which no stretch of time can heal. They just stay as they are(that is, if they don’t fester to an even worse state), you can’t do anything with them. They’ll come back to haunt you whenever they want you. Retreat is impossible and completely out of question, while going forward is made difficult by callings from a dead past. Yes a dead past. It’s not a person who calls you, but the spirits of dead past, memories which linger like ghosts in the cemeteries, refusing to leave what’s no longer their own.

Naruto and Sasuke, that’s what comes to mind often….


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