Of a Dibbi and a Dabba

Did I say A Post A Day, my friends? 😉

Oops, it must have slipped my mind while writing it that I’m posting it on a 512 MB RAM oldie hp pc, whose legs are dangling in the grave :\. I should have kept the fragile nature of my pc in mind while writing that.

Anyways, in accordance with the all-powerful Murphy’s Law, whatever could go bad, went bad. The very next, the computer, (Dabba would be a more appropriate term for this bastard) rebelled and refused to start at all, beeping its way to protest march. And it got repaired only yesterday, which is why you’re seeing me here today (don’t ask me what I was doing yesterday ;)).

Good things always come out of the bad ones (a law not as obvious as Murphy’s) and it happened in this case too. After about more than two months, I started, though reluctantly at first, The Brothers Karamazov again, from where I left off. If it had not been for my dabba’s temporary demise, I wouldn’t have been able to handle this hulk of a book 😀 Though it’s still to be completed, but it’s come to a stage where it’d be highly unpleasant for me to go back without completing the book. I’ll write more about the book, later maybe, on Phaedrus Within.

Looks like I’m having a bad time in my fortunes with tech toys 😦 especially computing. I left my dibbi (laptop, to be more precise :D) back there in Kanpur, as it had rebelled again, showing some BIOS problem, only 1.5 days after I installed Fedora 15 with a dual boot with existing Windows 7. God, I was so happy at that time, finally obtaining my dear Fedora after falling in love with it in the first year. I even readily sacrificed all my data for that. But as it seems, stars just aren’t in the mood to let me get any kind of ‘tEch’-stacy :\ and so the thunder struck on me. I feel like I’m dealing with two recalcitrant girlfriends, one I left in Kanpur to get some serene peace here in Gwalior, but here again another recalcitrant girlfriend isn’t letting me live in peace.

As more than half of my stay has passed, finally i’m forced (for lack of a better word to express the real thing) to come out of the seclusion which I supposed I would completely shroud myself in when coming here. Anyways, quite a lot time was spent alone, and it wasn’t bad 🙂


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