A Post A Day!

A Post a day. Sounds like a pretty much of a challenge šŸ˜ Especially for someone like me, whose weeks go by when he hasn’t written a single word.

But somehow I stumbled on this post today by WordPress’s The Daily Post, and I got inspired. Why? Because in recent times, I have been deeply frustrated with my inconsistency in writing (or for that matter in doing anything), and have been trying to follow a fairly regular blogging schedule ever since I started blogging. But, as the case stands, I failed miserably every single time.

And even when I stop to think, I think what’s the point in writing everyday? Especially, as I am a slave to some esoteric muse, who calls me as per her whims, which are obviously very far and few, I can’t even imagine from where I’ll produce the stuff to blabber on about every single day. This in itself is a quite scary thought. Also if it doesn’t happens so, I’ll have to resort to second-hand means, none of which is very respectable.

But despite all these things, I want to write everyday. Yes, everyday. And I don’t want to wait for my muse to hit me on the head with her magical wand for me to start scribbling stuff. I’d rather hit myself on the head if it would work :D. I want to scribble my pen, I don’t want to care anymore about whether awesome or awful shit is coming out. I’m throwing the whole Natural Blogging thing out into the garbage bin.

Though this campaign was started was started by WordPress on 30th December 2010, to mark the start of a new year, doesn’t matter much. I am starting this Post a Day challenge from today, starting into the month of October.

šŸ™‚ time to go wild and illogical!



5 thoughts on “A Post A Day!

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