Nightmares of Narutoverse

I am starting to hate Naruto. Yes, both the guy, and hence the series. 😐

The guy used to be irritating before, but the healthy presence of other characters more than compensated for this. But it isn’t the case now. Naruto has become so unbearable now that listening to his constant over-confident “I’m-the-uber-cool-Kyuubi-guy” blabber and watching his “I’m-the-hero-so-I-can-pull-off-any-damn-jutsu-and-take-on-any-damn-villain-despite-my-legendary-dumbness” attitude is next to banging your head on an orange brick wall with cries “Dattebayo!” every time you bang your head against it.
I mean seriously dude, there’s a limit to which you can watch shit and not react. And that limit has been trespassed long before. Even the return of Sasuke has come too late, and that too with a crappy Eternal Mangekyou-Sharingan (I expected a better artwork from Kishimoto).
Let me count out the problems with this series, which are fast turning it into a shitbag:
  • Naruto. This guy sucks. Nothing in this world can undermine the deathly emphasis of this sentence. Period
  • Bee. This guys sucks big electrically charged Raikage balls. (Oh yeah, he can kill 2pac, Biggie and Eminem in one go; he just need to utter a rhyme, and boom! they are dead). Bee no Jutsu! Rapper Killer Acoustic Assassination
  • Fouth Shinobi World War: It shouldn’t even have started. Whenever I look towards the first three ones, such a nostalgia passes over me. The fights, the settings, the causes, everything was ordinary. Yet extraordinary men made them extraordinary. But this war is turning every hero/villain into a dumbass thrashing or being thrashed, with obscure jutsus and without any logical explanation that would justify their relative powers. All the greatest jutsus ever used, yet all that is produced is shit.
  • All the awesome guys have been relegated to the background. C’mon man, where are the geniuses, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sasuke, et al. All we have to bear are Naruto, Bee, Raikage, and Tsunade, and occasionally a spineless Gaara (who doesn’t look like the Commander at all).
  • Too many of the legendary figures. What is this? Edo-tensei has lost all its relevance now that every damn known figure is being resurrected by Kabuto, only to do nothing at all and just get sealed a few manga later. Orochimaru was way more royal with his Impure World Resurrection Technique. Kabuto has made a joke out of it, by overusing. Man, one more legendary shinobi and I’ll puke.
  • Shinobis have turned into jutsu-spammers. All I see in my manga are jutsus, old, new, obscure ones. Every new sharingan jutsu is touted as the “Ultimate Sharingan Jutsu”. Okay, then which one is the “most-ultimate” one? Fuckers 😐 Naruto has taken to creating new jutsus (mostly containing the wordΒ rasenΒ somewhere) as a personal hobby and is displaying a 6-year old’s enthusiasm in creating new ones out of thin air.
  • Does this guy’s chakra ever ends? Or has he got a premium account at Kishi’s that allows him an unlimitable storage of chakra for the lifetime?

The time has come to start to stop watching it. Only the persistent hope (and sheer force of habit) that something will turn up good, has kept me up to this point. I fear it won’t sustain long.

This series has gone to the dogs.

13 thoughts on “Nightmares of Narutoverse

  1. Shashank Gupta

    ok…. i can feel your irritation …. but that’s over reaction…….I agree with couple of reasons and disagree with others……. but The reason which is compelling us to read it …. because I want a end of story.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      that’s not over-reaction, at least not for me who watches only one manga. it’s easy to be distracted when you have more than one manga on your reading list. but i only read this one, and hence want this to be good.

      1. Tanmay Sharma

        yeah..for the guys like us its like a huge disappointment to wait for the next issue of naruto..and still dipshit.
        And like some chapters are just out of the world i kinda go through them 3-4 times a week but some are like uff waste…

      2. Mitostargazer Post author

        right tanmay!
        some older chapters are the real thing! and it’s still a joy to go back to them.
        when you wait for a week for something new to come out, and it proves a dud, you get angry, real real angry

  2. Tanmay Sharma

    every word counts man…gud 1 to read..yeah kishi is disapointing..
    only ray of hope(i thought) was itachi, nd i don knw may b kishi not in a mood to give him the higher responsibility.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      thanks for reading tanmay πŸ™‚
      Yeah, i think so too. at the critical moment, i think itachi’s gonna let naruto steal the thunder. which will be a downer in every sense. naruto’s brute force method just pisses me off man! 😐

      1. Tanmay Sharma

        not to mention buddy i try n read all ur blogs but some are just missed out :]
        and some time there’s a time issue..but this wordpress thing gets some of ur time to comment on..
        good words buddy keep it up.
        And lets see if Madara can pull up some trick other than his usual multidimensional justsu…or may be he’s only like just as naruto (as u said) putting RASEN into everythin..

  3. Mayank

    Kishi seems to be going tite kubos way who badly fucked his own creation Bleach.
    I wish kishi would have gone Oda’s way whose One Piece is getting much much better with time.

    i am following 4 mangas and except for OP none of the manga seem to have a definite plot
    its like they started something awesome and they dont know how to end it and thus are trying to end it desperately in the most bizzare of the ways

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      There has been a personal attachment with Naruto, and now that it has gone awry, I don’t think I’m motivated to try any other manga, what with my lazy attitude πŸ˜‰


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