Monthly Archives: August 2011

Walk the Path

It takes a lot of courage to walk the path. A LOT more than we can imagine. Only one who has walked the path knows it.

And that’s why he’s different from the others. He suffered through it. But in the end, he reached his destination, while others, who started before him, didn’t suffer enough to complete their respective journeys.

Walk your own path. And be steady.


Eternal Weight

Is it what it all comes down to?
Is it what it all ever contained?
The seeds of destruction mature
Now when the hatred rains

Spiraling inside the endless vortex
Forever drowning further within
Yet it remains an optical illusion
The nausea of eternity ad infinitum

Buried deep inside, immovable, I ask
At which step I should have refrained?
As the solar question burns my skin
Till how long will this thing remain?

Pieces of Truth

When I started out,
All I could see was garish skyscrapers of falsehoods
Rising all around me, beyond the clouds…

Tried climbing one of those, many times
Kept falling down, broken, bruised, and hurt.
The blood has hardened now…

As I stand once again,
I see the skyscrapers are falling
And the torrent of shattered glass rains down…

All the pieces of truth,
Are falling into place
All the pieces of truth are falling into place now…

Getting past Newton

Intro to Robotics class is fun nowadays. Two classes have given rise to many interesting questions in my mind. I wish many more classes could be like that.

Why is it that brain can coordinate so many open kinematic chains (of our hands, legs etc) which on top of everything else, have spherical joints! Spherical joints cannot  be used in robots, because the enormous degrees of freedom would make the Newtonian equations indeterminate. Robotics is severely restricted in its usage of joints and openness of chains due to the fundamental restrictions posed by Newton himself. Yet our brain seems to fly in the face of Newton and maneuver these chains effortless.

This interesting and thought-provoking question was posed by our instructor in the first class. And the answer was equally interesting. Our brain doesn’t get daunted by the indeterminacy of the equations at all :D. In fact it doesn’t try to device a solution for indeterminacy, and plays with it. The enormous ingenuity of neural networks come into play, and instead of finding a determinate solution they MAP most probable solutions to the forces applied. And, thanks to humans’ incomparable learning curve, all the right solutions are mapped in our mind at a very early age.

Now that’s called getting past Newton đŸ˜€