Devaluation of IITs- A short note

Life has begun again. This time as a fourth, and final, year student of IIT Kanpur.

Ever since we’ve come here, we’ve been witnessing a constant flurry of changes being made to the Indian higher educational system by the HRD Ministry of UPA Government. While the changes have been too wide and far-reaching for me to make any singular judgement right now  upon the whole thing, witnessing a constant devaluation of Indian Institutes of Technology has certainly been a painful process. The number of IITs has become just stats rather than an imperious 7, and the names, and the ranks of student do not matter now as they used to in the past.

Yesterday witnessed another cruel reminder of such mongrelization of education. As the senior-most, and rightfully feared, batch of the college, we took it upon ourself to interact with the freshmen coming this year. As a side note, even ragging has been completely and brutally wiped out throughout India, which is quite a sad affair, but lets not talk about it. What was really appalling to watch was the ranks of the loadful of students we cornered from the big herd to interact. Not a single one of them had a three digit rank, and more than 15 out of 20 had ranks between 5000-8000! They all had a glazed look in their eyes, as if they themselves had no idea how they had come here, that particular feeling of getting something much more than you worked for and not knowing how that had happened. That was so different from our times…

I can visualize the scene 20 year henceforth now a little bit. The IITs will be brought down from their high pedestal to the common ground, and will be raped by the system just as brutally as every private and mediocre government college is raped. They will become truly ‘Indian’ then, as they want it to be.


8 thoughts on “Devaluation of IITs- A short note

  1. Ashank Garg

    I would rather say that the existing system shouldn’t be overburden
    like 1000 odd students shouldn’t be admitted if we have place for only 600 this kills the system
    increasing the number of iits is a good step which is good but implemented poorly
    taking 10k students is not that bad considering jee aspirants have almost double
    still success rate is well below 2%

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      if this is not overloading the system then what! now the same things are starting to get implemented in iits which are implemented in other institutions…
      as for taking 10k students, it’s not bad in itself, but the nature of the entrance exam should allow for such an expansion. in a cramped system like ours, where any successful method works only in a narrow space of variables, this is very difficult unless several drastic steps are taken to change the method itself.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      this is the worst form of devaluation we are talking about. The value is falling in the very perception of students. If they aren’t able to rise up to the insti’s level, they are quite happy dragging the insti down to their level. And the government has mouthed their words, granted their wishes, why would they have any problem in that?

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      because he hasn’t opted for the ‘lower’ branch courses.
      Due to the advent of so many new IITs, which are offering the luscious CS and Elec B-Tech, the arithmetic of rank-branch-college has become very unstable. This instability completely randomizes the intake of students in the ‘so-called’ lower branches of the 7 reputed institutes. I’ve used apostrophes as they aren’t lower ones.

  2. Shashank Gupta

    ok forget about rank and and number of colleges………. what i fear most is that as the toughness of entrance exam is going down….. the hard work and IQ level necessary before have come down to presence of mind at the time of exam and the variation is quite high …… in future u should we ready to see a 100 ranker stupid guy…. previously nobody can get under 100 unless he is really smart and structured along with hard work.


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