Dust get in my eyes,
And sand in my shoes;
As I try to find my way,
Among these torrid ruins.

Wandering through the desert,
Looking at the sun;
Wind burns my eyelids,
Yet pain, I know of none.

My muse, she calls me
Down, far in the south
In the heart of Sahara,
I feel her calling me out.

Sahara, O mighty Sahara,
I can feel your heartbeat
In the air burning my cheeks,
In the sands beneath my feet.

She waits for me far south,
With comforts and shade,
Yet it’s the swelter of Sahara,
That strengthens me to go ahead.

I’ll reach my sweetheart,
Enjoy the green shades,
Yet in my deepest heart,
The magic of Sahara never fades…


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