Ancient Hatreds

While on the Kolkata trip during this summer, I came across a very shocking thing which blasted any notions I had about communal harmony in India.

While we were traversing through a very crowded market in the Esplanade and going towards Chandni Chowk, we crossed the road to enter a Muslim populated area. There was a mosque there, and in a wide area in front of it, there was a market for mutton and chicken. There, by the side of the road, in the full view of the whole market across the street, was hanging a wide pamphlet a few meters up in the air, which read:

Insult to Koran is intolerable. The American Pastor and his family should be burnt eternally in hell.

Another vista of the hatred, intolerance simmering in the heart of Muslims. After that, we went through the dense gullies of Muslim-inhabited area, where the stench of meat, shoddy houses, poverty was everywhere. There walking through all that, I was thinking. It’s all the same everywhere. Everywhere, in most of the ordinary or the big cities of India, it’s the same scene everywhere. Every city has an area predominantly inhabited by Muslims. And all such areas are the same. Poverty, poor sanitation, illiteracy, congestion, poor living condition and most of all, the rotten odor of religion lurking in the air.

I have seen such areas in Kanpur, Gwalior, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ujjain, Bharatpur and Agra. I talked to my friends about it, and I got to know that all of them have seen such areas in their respective cities and all of them have got the same feeling while passing through them. Moreover, while passing through such areas, I always get a feeling that these are the dark pits where riots are fomented. The air itself is in such a explosive, dynamite-like state that a single misguided or misplaces sentence alluding to religion will explode the entire surrounding.

Why? Why is that so? Whenever I think of such things my head swarms with a multitude of questions. Questions which I know the answers to, but it’s of no use as they have turned a blind eye to the answers. Why this poverty? Why this illiteracy? Why this intolerance? It’s all the curse of religion. Why are madarasas even allowed to exist? Why do they have to think only and solely about the religion, the concept of religion whose perception differs as widely as the depth of human thoughts across the dimensions of space and time? Why don’t they think about removing poverty, getting educated, living comfortably, enjoying life? Money, education, comfort, their children, their parents, that’s what they should think about. Instead, religion stands atop as the prime-most concern of living beings. Is getting all worked up upon an insult of your holy book by some inconsequential Christian fanatic thousands of miles away justified, when your children are hungry, illiterate and resorting to illegal means to get money?

Phew…I would just like to add few last things.

My head is so full of antipathy towards the very concept of religion that I have loads and loads to say about it. I meant this post to be short and pithy, but it has stretched out to such a bloat :(. It’s by no means covers the whole of my ideas about religion, just the thoughts and feelings I had when I saw that banner and passed through that area.

Secondly, this whole impassioned blabbering is not complete. It was written with lot of anger over the issue. Obviously it’s just one side of the coin. There is the other, and equally dark side with it’s sinister forces, other than the forces of religion. The role of the Hindus, US and the Christians’ hateful attitude (all over the world, that is), vote-bank communal politics of India. This is just one piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle which is yet to be solved. But still, at the center of all of this is religion. The banner flew in the face of the secular nation…

Karl Marx stated one of the darkest and truest sentences of this world:

Religion is the opium of the masses.

No less true is what Robert M. Pirsig said:

When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion.


14 thoughts on “Ancient Hatreds

  1. vikram chauhan

    Whoa!! Mitostargazer, you talk like Che. This one, especially, was more passion than reason just like he talked. I didn’t know you had a blog but i am not surprised you have one.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      I am maintaining this blog this feb, hopped on to wordpress just a few days back. i thought you knew about my blog 😦
      anyways, do check my older posts, there are some things there too which will probably interest you.
      I write some other stuff too. you can check them in the blog section of the sidebar. give them a look sometimes 🙂

    2. Mitostargazer Post author

      as for more passion than reason, that was deliberate. I could have reasoned about it, but left it for more appropriate and expansive use, as u can see in the last paragraph. Thought i should give vent to some of my indignation without having reason to meddle in between for a change 😉

  2. VKskills

    This happens when basics are not clear about existence as a Human being, purposely the confusion is kept alive about Human values, Dharm (Gunadharm and Duty), Religion and concept of Owner – Servant, Employer – Employee. It should be hiring a service or exchanging the services among each other. Spreading the confusion as a tool is used to expand supremacy around the world by present Banking and Currency system. You may find this as little out of context but think deep to the root.

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      you are right about the lack of knowledge of existence, though i do find this banking and currency system a little out of context…

      thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Mayank Pathak

    Well my brain wave says to me that I’m my religion, what i think is my duty and what i want is my pride! Anything else than this is an insult to my religion. Sometimes we do have simple explanation and we are foolish enough to overlook it.

    1. VKskills

      In simple words this type of approach to life is known as “self centered”, that has been taught to me by my elders. I know you have your freedom of expression and me as well.

      I am alive, 50% my efforts and 50% others allowed me to remain alive, may be others did not bothered about me or I am not that important to them or others have respect to human values.

    2. Mitostargazer Post author

      very rightly said Mayank 🙂
      when you’re so involved in things which people and history has laid down for you, and not listening to what’s inner religion is telling you, shit like that happens

    1. Mitostargazer Post author

      thanks monica 🙂
      i don’t know whether i’ve provided the solution or not, it was mostly emotional…


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