A Change is gonna come :)

It’s been exactly 5 months and 3 days….
And I’ve arrived at a crucial juncture in my blogging journey.

25 posts. 5 months. Up to now the journey was better than what I had not expected even in my dreams. But now, the otherwise straight up-to-now road has come to a serious bend.

Finally, after literally months of vacillation, I’ve decided to switch my blog over to WordPress. I’ve been weighing the odds on either side since a very long time, and I always knew in my mind that the odds favored wordpress, well for me anyway. But then vacillation came, and reluctance to part with those sweet increasing pageviews 😀 (Believe me, I was deeply obsessed with them for a brief period). That, and the other things which look so attractive, and are the mainstay of Blogger, ‘followers’, made the choice even more difficult to materialize.

Now you’d say it would have been better to make the choice as early as possible. I know. And I didn’t. Better make it now, in such case :). Coz I know I’m not going to leave this passion anytime soon, and I also got inspired from a friend of mine, a veteran blogger, who switched over to wordpress after blogging for more than 3 years on blogger (for the record, she has been blogging for a whopping 9 years). So here I am, on WordPress :).

A new road starts :). The journey continues…





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