>Beggars or Masters?

>At Durgapur Railway Station, waiting for a train to Kolkata…

A spindly-legged dwarfish beggar passed through our bench. He must not have gone much further, because he returned two minutes later, and began asking money shamelessly again, perversely clanking his can of coins in front of me. Looking at that, I couldn’t restrain a sarcastic laugh, and said to him, “you’ve come here already, move on dude”. He kept on looking at me with belligerent eyes for a few seconds, then hung his head limply and walked on, as if I had brutally denied him his most-deserved alms.

Man, that is ludicrous! :D. Sometimes, it feels like all national property actually belongs to beggars who’ve lent it magnanimously to the government, and which is why we’ve to pay taxes for using their land and services. And ‘alms’ is just a euphemism for that tax 😉

7:02, 3rd June

P.S. – I tried to find a fitting picture for this post on the internet, but all the pics show beggars in such a pathetic light, they ran in diametrical direction to my stand, so I guess I’ll have to do without a pic 😉


2 thoughts on “>Beggars or Masters?

  1. Saibal Barman

    >Amusing….intelligent enough to strike the hidden arrow silently on the bull's eye…When masters behave like beggars, beggars do not have choices but to take a reverse role…and they go on interchanging positions to play the game…finally losing to even identify who is who…Orwell could foresee much earlier…"……The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which……"Enjoy the crisis, dear !

  2. Mitostargazer Post author

    Quite right sir!
    Orwell could see the crisis in the aftermath of the World War II. I wonder do we need another world war to resolve the mist in front of our eyes….


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