>Midnight Rider


There is nothing as blissfully and mind-numbingly (these two terms may sound contradictory, but actually they aren’t, in the context of which I am talking about) peaceful as taking a stroll, or as it happened with me today, having a ride in the city after midnight. When all the city sleeps, only few odd people stay outside, some going back with unhurried and weary steps, some strange but harmless looking guys out there apparently for no reason at all (or a reason too specific for me to be able to generalize), you ride your machine with a constant 40-45 kmph speed, and you waft serenely on the cycle, wading past through islands of intense light among the larger seas of darkness with small diffused light. It all produces a very soothing, and kinda engrossing feeling, accentuated by the steady speed of the cycle on a smooth road. In fact, I think it’s very much analogous to sleepwalking, and I think I got a taste of good sleepwalking today, as I was half numb with tiredness of the day.

The song “Midnight Rider” of Allman Brothers’ Band suddenly comes to mind. Though the context of the song is radically different than mine, yet the name strikes a chord somewhere in the mind.

Darkness is very soothing…

Image link: http://www.halsteadphoto.org.uk/Pictures/Gallery/Nicole Taylor/Night Driving.jpg


4 thoughts on “>Midnight Rider

  1. Mitostargazer

    >bike yaar, bike=motorcycle=cycle πŸ˜‰ got used to it reading ZAMM :DI've done it many times, but yesterday was after a certain period so it was gooood πŸ™‚


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