Cold Honesty

When an unemotional and rather cold-hearted person says, in a wave of honesty, to others close to him, that he is unemotional and rather cold-hearted, nobody takes him much seriously, or they count on his good nature too much, and the real thing remains spoken yet neglected. 

But when the time comes, and those people get themselves hurt by the attitude of that person, about which he had innocently tried to give many warnings and explanations, they cry foul and accuse him of being unemotional and rather cold-hearted. 

But isn’t it exactly what he was trying to tell them in the first place? Who is to blame…?


5 thoughts on “Cold Honesty

  1. niacharms

    So true. When times are right and everything seems too perfect we fail to ignore the bad things of the other person.But when the tables are turned the same person the same bad things but nothing is right anymore.


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