>लड़की का चक्कर


Finally the result is out in the Neeraj Grover murder case. Our lady Maria Susairaj walks free, though not without spending three years in jail during the trial, while her fiance and the murderer, Emile Jerome, gets imprisonment of 7 further years after accompanying Maria in jail for 3 years.

In the press conference organised after her release, Maria, on being asked about whether he’s close to Emile, replied, “How can I be, I’m here, he’s elsewhere.” She reportedly has determined to leave her past behind and start a new life.

Keeping aside the barbarity and heinousness of the act, this whole scenario evoked another quirky sentiment in me. The whole game was played with Maria as the object of both’s desires, and now Maria walks free, leaving behind her past, and with it Mr. Jerome, an ex-navy man, too, to enjoy his 7 years of imprisonment.

Shyam couldn’t have said it more aptly to Baburao Ganpatrao Apte in Hera Pheri: “लड़की का चक्कर बाबू भैया, लड़की का चक्कर…” 😀 😀

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