Education and the Art of (its) Solution Implementation

Been thinking too much about education nowadays. Internship discussion started the whole thing. And after that, reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance sparked the old-dowsed flame of educational reactionary sentiments.

Robert Pirsig has severely lambasted the educational system used worldwide over. Reading ZAMM gave me deep insight into the ‘real’ significance of the decay the system is produced and the evil was correctly pronounced for the first time. Education has been the bane of free thought in modern times when the main aim of education has risen beyond the necessary urges of survival. The rift between the real talent scavenging the countryside in futile toil and educational produce flocking the urban landscape and flooding the civilization with monotonous dreariness and dullness of unproductivity and inefficiency and utter stupidity is getting wider and wider. And THAT is what has been the real terror of education in modern times. 

Pirsig’s solution was quite outworldly, though his execution of the solution was completely of this world and ingeniously practical. However we would need to devise other kinds of solutions for this method to be used as the deadly combination of Phaedrus and his solution are extremely volative compound in real world.

Whether a solution is adopted by the masses or not, whether a solution is considered a solution by others or no, a solution by its very nature remains a solution. And regarding the mental turmoil for a few past week, this fact is quite sufficient for me. 


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