>Durgapur Diaries V – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


The final installment of my humorous diary of sketches of life as seen by an internee, an ode to, among many other things, the legendary sketches of Charles “Boz” Dickens and his larger than life “Pickwick Papers”…

Internship has been completed and I’ve finally returned to my good ol’ Madhya Pradesh. Trip to Durgapur was unforgettable for many reasons, and a very personal journey has been started, as fate would have it,  Durgapur was destined to be it’s starting point. The railway station from which one heads into a never-ending journey towards the unknown. 
Anyways, lest I get too poesy and nebulous in my disguised interpretations of my dreams and motives ;), I should just get back to recapitulating the whole thing :D. In classical Western ‘cowboy machismo’ style, I would like to summarize down the things which will remain in my mind, as parts and reasons of memories both good and bad, ludicrous and embittering, interesting and boring.
THE GOOD (Thumbs up)
  • Junction Mall: Hands down man! Without Junction Mall we wouldn’t have been able to complete our intern, we would have died in the middle, either from under-nourishment, or pure tedium, or pure nausea. Everyday we would go and get “दो बूँद ज़िन्दगी की” at Junction in the evening ;). Let it be known, it just revitalizing energy of the atmospheric benevolence, rather than a whole class of beverages which some ‘dirty’ minds must be imagining with relish :D. Sitting on those steps…
  • Crosswords: It would be more appropriate to say that we had our intern in Crosswords, Durgapur rather than at CMERI, Durgapur :D. Though last two weeks saw infrequent visits to the bookstore, initial weeks were pure awesomeness. I read my first Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Albert Camus there. Oh, and got to know Khushwant Singh better than ever too :). Sitting there reading, or scouring the whole lits section, it was equally satisfying. And occasionally, a good ‘leg-piece’ would spice up the whole apparently prosaic atmosphere 😉 a la Khushwant :D. 
  • Clean, organized city: Thank god for that, we didn’t have to jostle every evening with crowded streets or road to make our weary way back home ;). It was soothing too, though occasionally depressing.
  • Mausi ka Dhaba: Hahaha, I’ve already said enough about that, refer to previous posts.
  • Weather: This year, I didn’t have to face brutal(though I still love it) summers of Kanpur, or Gwalior. This summer was cool, breezy and rainy. (Without noting that it was slimy, ‘toad’-y, humid, and muddy too :D)
THE BAD (Thumbs down)
  •  CMERI. No need to explain. Usual government moth-ridden, termite-eaten system, which hinders everything except regular salary to incompetent and slothful staff. I don’t want to say anything else about this whole ‘system’ thing, it’d only irritate me more.
  • Prof. P. S*****a: Real name excluded for personal security reasons :D. Never seen such a insecure dickhead. But I know governmental research institutions have lots of guys like these who mug up their way to a secure job and stick to it like a leach, constantly afraid their incompetency would come to light and their credibility lost, and hampering every kind of free thought and scientific progress of this nation by their bloodsucking parasitic attitude.
  • Food. Food problems too I’ve already described too well…
  • Walking: Never walked so much in my life. Though this is a good thing in hindsight, it was a positive pain then. To have to travel 5 kms for one meal, can put off any taste for food.
  • Rains and bloated toads. You’ll vomit your intestines out watching those hideous beings, bloated by stuffing themselves with insects, with their shiny slimy skins. Normal toads look prince in comparison to that.
THE UGLY (Thumbs way way down)
  • No prizes for guessing. Bengali girls. Biggest disappointment. 

4 thoughts on “>Durgapur Diaries V – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Akash

    >Haha! Enjoyed reading this post man! \m/Awesome post I must say. 😉 THE UGLY (Thumbs way way down) No prizes for guessing. Bengali girls. Biggest disappointment. Haha! Poor perverts

  2. Saibal Barman

    >Unfortunately I also had to spend a few months there……fortunately though had no long walks for meals or deals….hsss…no chance at all to steal even glimpses of a bevy of charming (or even ugly) girls in a strict cleric sphere…could rather interestingly pass throught hundred years of solitude…and sprang out silently too….maybe, only connection that resembles here….Marquez might have explained it better…Disappointment has more charm than what is held in satisfaction so long one sympathasizes on wisdom's ill-fated triumph over sacrificial retreat of ignorance….Nice reading…always love to read you…take care..Regards,


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