>Durgapur Diaries IV – "Thou shall pay for thy sins!"


There is no pleasure more sadistic and intense than watching your professor finally signing your project report helplessly, after days of harrassing you and trying to extend the project. I was literally shaking with cruel excitement, imagining all the things I would do to him after I’ve got the project report signed and the certificate in my hand, when watching him sign the report. I had already crucified him numerous times in my mind. “Thou shall pay for thy sins! O Heathen Professor” 😀

X) X)


4 thoughts on “>Durgapur Diaries IV – "Thou shall pay for thy sins!"

  1. Saibal Barman

    >Your expressions truly attract me….the way you paint an ordinary sketch of event with rich colours of philosophy is really worth reading again and again…..Holiness could not have been scripted had there been no sins to honour it…I refer not to Heathen touch for it classifies more on collection than on characteristics…but to the indignity of those crucified moments that stood motionless in witnessing passionate embrace of love and hatred behind wavy veil of human thoughts…..finally none pays for sins….only the time has to…has to inevitably…Have a nice Sunday !Regards,

  2. Akash

    >Waise isme kuch hai toh nahi but still I liked it :\ Your awesome sense of words make an ordinary post extra-ordinary :DWay to go!(I meant the things you are going to do your Prof. 😛 )

  3. Mitostargazer

    >@saibal: thank you sir :)and you are no less a wizard in creating beauties out of nothingness, adding the final touch to the still-unfinished sketch with your poetic comments 🙂

  4. Mitostargazer

    >@akash: haan isme jyada nahi hai, actually i wrote all this just after getting my project report signed, on the office computer 😀 couldn't control the nervous devilish feeling X)


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