>Durgapur Diaries II: Bengali Beauty – Myth or what…


The legend of “Bengali Beauty” has haunted the fantasies of young males of India for decades. Bollywood had been the real culprit in this crime ;). Ferreting out the most beauteous of ladies from the parts unknown of West Bengal, since pre-Independence era, they weaved a web of mystery around the fertile(concerning other kind of productivity) lands of Bengal.
Hence, with all the high hopes, hungry eyes, and ready-to-go-week-knees, we landed in the mythical state of West Bengal….
The end of story.

Yes, that was the end of the story for us, because alas! neither did our knees go weak, now our eyes sated, nor our hopes fulfilled. Where was the Bengali Beauty? For three weeks, we searched in vain in Durgapur, for any trace of the legend. All, but empty hands. Disheartened, but still not defeated ;), we headed straight for the heart of the kingdom, Kolkata. The situation was better, but still no trace, no clue, no suggestion…
This is outrageous! The legend has a myth….. The virile youth of India was deceived by the devious Bollywood for over six decades. An outrageous fraud comparable to 2G!

O! The mighty youth of India! Do not get deceived by the lures of Bollywood. Go out, search with your own eyes, the beauty (not only Bengali, but the ubiquitous one :D) which lies hidden in the vast tracts of our nation. Actresses and models are only two-dimensional (on celluloid) ;), search for your own three-dimensional beauty :D.


2 thoughts on “>Durgapur Diaries II: Bengali Beauty – Myth or what…

  1. Saibal Barman

    >That's a fantastic post…enjoyed….Don't feel defeated…keep on exploring…beauty is thing elusive and illusive too….As an Half-Bengali I had little pain although…but for a full-NonBong or full-Bong, I presume, it must be a more deceiving one…and I enjoy in presuming so….in this older days….Regards,


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