>Baba Ramdev: The Complan Boy


Everybody must have heard of the now-omnipresent Complan ad: “Sirf latakne se height nahi badhegi, mummy ko bolo complan pilaye :P” (the tongue-in-cheek was my insertion 😉 ).

Well, recently after hearing whatever happened at Ramlila Maidan, when I got to see this ad again, I was suddenly, and ludicrously, reminded of Baba Ramdev. Looks like Baba needs to understand that his (political) height won’t increase by hanging onto old (read: Anna Hazare’s) tactics. He should ask his (hypothetical in this case 😉 ) mom to make him a Complan drink of fresh, relevant and feasible issues, and the politically correct way to protest ;).


Author: Mitostargazer

I read. I write. I listen.

4 thoughts on “>Baba Ramdev: The Complan Boy”

  1. >thanks shikha :)i hv been reading some good posts on this one for a few days, wanted to write one badly myself, but i've been away from political scene after the Anna Hazare thing 😦

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