>Durgapur Diaries – I


Say what you will about Durgapur, one thing’s pretty awesome here: the weather \m/

Monsoon comes here foremost, in whole of the West Bengal that is, except anywhere else in India (leaving Tamil Nadu and shores of Andhra Pradesh).
No sooner had we got here, in the middle of May, the weather became very pleasant and it has remained like that ever since. At the time of writing this, it has rained here 5 or 6 times in a span of 18 days. And the weather remains pretty much awesome, cool, overcast days, breezy winds and the effect accentuated by the greenery all around. I can now imagine the beauty of north-east India with a little accuracy :).
Right now, it’s raining heavily, in a lazy Tuesday afternoon. Day started very lazily and after getting up late, both me and Sankalp decided to skip office today ( as if we do anything much there :D). Since both of us hadn’t eaten anything since morning (more of that later), we decided to go and get something to chew from the shops outside. I knew all shops would most likely be closed today, as they do between 12:00 to 18:00 (another of the many strange customs here) we had to give it a try, as our stomachs had launched a full-scale mutiny against us. Fortunately, a dilapidated shop was open and we got something to eat. While going out, it was more or less a clear sky, though clouds were beckoning from the south-western horizon. And in the bare 10 minutes, of our going out and coming back, the sky was completely dark. It was so beautiful and windy outside that I decided to perch there and read in the porch.
Well, no sooner had I taken out my c hair, first raindrops had started. Perverse that i am, i sat undaunted in the porch. However in a matter of 2 minutes, when the aggressive torrent threatened to turn my novel into a semisolid lump of sodded paper, the threat became too seriously to be taken lightly and i had to retreat my forces back. Soon, as if they had tasted blood, raindrops lashed at me fiercer than ever with triumphant war-cries(loud thunderclaps that is :D) booming in the skies. I had my back to the wall (literally).
Finally summoning courage enough, reached a compromise, and i moved my chair as close as possible to the door, deepest into the shade of the upper-story porch and there i am now, smirking complacently, over my victory over the rain. While rains have completely soaked my naked legs (resting out of the shade shamelessly in view of a family apartment in front of me), I am writing a paean to myself over this victory :D.
Anyways, on a more serious note, the weather is really, really amazing here. The climate is supposed to be very humid and sultry actually, but thankfully there were only a few such days, too few and far between. It’s quite much to my liking actually and, coupled with the greenery and cleanliness (at least in the Durgapur Steel Township part where we live) here, it’s almost an idyllic place to live. Cool overcast weather, greenery all around and more than anything else, winds! I couldn’t have asked for anything better 🙂

PS: Getting back to reality, light has gone an indefinite period in addition too :-\

May 31, 2011


2 thoughts on “>Durgapur Diaries – I

  1. Saibal Barman

    >Nice to read over the paean that wails on passionately with rhythms strung by first raindrops….history tells more of those false bravery in battles…but, it unravel a few ignored colourful strings out of texture upon which once a few souls wept over…over some lost love…some lost land….some lost breath…some lost honour….triumph remains an eternal source of losing, perhaps…Happy moonsoon, dear !


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