>Lord of the Examinations


It’s that time of the year again…..
The mighty winds of summer beckon the rise,
And carry the wrathful swelter from those faraway lands.
The Horde has risen again, and is coming fast,
The War is near….

In the arcania of that dark tower FacB,
Horrendous concoctions are being cooked up
Sorcerers and Magicians, with all their evil might
Are summoning the Primordial Scourge of this earth:
The End-semester Examinations….

Oh, i can smell the burning brimstone in the air, 
the stench of blood, dead and darkened
By evil chants and nefarious equations
Dark clouds have gathered over the Academic Area
It’s the end of light…

The Campus is empty, the prelude to the apocalypse,
And in the last free lands of the hostels,
we gather our forces, and take up our arms
For freedom and peace, we’ll fight till we fail,
Some will live, to tell the tales…

In the fort of the Library, we prepare to face our destiny
As the battlefield of LHC waits in impassivity
Tomorrow it will be gore and death, in the Armageddon
The Last Stand….the time has come


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