>Atlas Shrugged Trailer


Oh Man! finally it is happening….

After years of failed attempts, finally the 1st part of a 3-part movie series based on Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s epic novel is being made. Finally we’ll get to see the big thing on the big screen 🙂

Man! I am already freaking out…




3 thoughts on “>Atlas Shrugged Trailer

  1. Monk Avant Garde

    >man just a very short glimpse of fransisco 😦 i am not expecting much from the movie as the books is classes apart. but still it looks quite good specially the star cast. no big names and i expected Hank to be a bit more masculine someone like zaviar bardem maybe.

  2. Mitostargazer

    >Yeah, fransisco's part is cut down severely in the movie, i know :(. books are a class apart but they've done quite hard work in this. no big starcast, awesome visual effects…looks a sincere effort.Grant bowler is playing Hank


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