>Musical Maladies & Medicines


After a long time….
Nowadays i am whiling away time in gwalior…

Today morning i came across the “Download Central” column in Hindustan Times’s sunday supplement, which is a music review column. Started with the problem of “Listener’s Block”, Sanjoy Narayan talked about eclectic albums of Gil Scott-HeronMogwai, and Asobi Seksu (which interestingly means “playful sex” in Japanese). I am thinking of making a blog along the same lines, but have been too much mired in thoughts about viability and sensibility of such a blog. But looking at that column, in a reputed newspaper, and so shoddily written, it seems that putting out such a blog may not be that bad an idea at all. Maybe some loopholes to cover and some ideas to evolve…

It also turned my mind to an important phenomenon which has been occurring with me without me noticing it properly. Listener’s Block; i myself suffer from it too much, too often, mainly by my tendency to gobble up oodles of music in a short time, and then to keep groaning from the full stomach months afterwards :D. Recently I gobbled up too much of Bob Dylan and Matchbox Twenty, and now i can’t even keep remember which was the last Dylan album i heard, was it “Blood on the Tracks” or “Bringing it all back home”? A serious case of musical indigestion. And then, there are some songs which you listen to without even realizing it, and before you know it, you’re hooked on to them. And you would have banished that song, if you had listened it consciously. Things happen… Few days back i heard the song Sauda hai semi-consciously one fine morning in my sleep, now nowadays it’s more or less always on the back of my mind.




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