>One year old embarrassment


Today, to my utter shame and embarrassment, i am posting a poem i wrote exactly one year back, night of 15th February, 2010. This is my weirdest poem to date :D, and i had written an afterword 2 days later(according to which, i wrote the poem at gunpoint, apparently) expressing my discontent over the poem, hehe… I used to write horrible poems then, with some very far-fetched and ludicrous ideas. My poems are usually about fucked-up guys, so don’t bother about the darkness of content 😉

Songs of Nicotine & Morphine

Dark, and tar-like sounds,
Pouring into my ears
drowning me into a sea
filled with imaginary bloodhounds
I know and feel, and discern it all, but still…

Blood and morphine now flow
hand in hand.
Hand in hand blow air and smoke
I know this feel-good is suicide outright
But neither will nor any desire to fight…

Father’s call coming for the fourth time,
Indecision stopping me, should I answer…why try?
Living in parallel universes,
Better not disturb this dividing line
Thinking hard to say some shit, but no words…

She tries to see me often, almost everyday
Wonder why i don’t feel same need, same love
Fleeting desires giving way to putrid boredom
Tedium kills bestial hate, lust; forget weak love
Standing alone in the field of dead desires, helpless…

As time passes by, blood turns to water,
Smoke and air both leave dead lungs,
Nothing’s left on this side of the line,
Yet, waft slowly in the air…
My songs of nicotine and morphine…


Hey dude, what the fuck are you doing in my mind?
Can’t anyone sleep peacefully in his injected solace?

The brazen effrontery of adding the last two lines blasts off any semblance of poetry this creature had maintained till the end. But i like them. At that time, i was a little blue devil, floating in the mind of a stoner 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful morning, which is coming soon, in a few hours 🙂 while i enjoy the night….


13 thoughts on “>One year old embarrassment

  1. MS

    >Yeah 🙂 the last two lines were the crux, like a sudden jolt bringing you back to reality,but which clears the picture all the more about the whole thing which had been going on until now. I am happy alone for creating the last two lines, hehe…


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