>Remembering J.D. Salinger


Phew…what stormy days….no study started, living off time and space after the exams…

Just got hold of something interesting, while looking for good english literature blogs…

I admit i haven’t read anything other than “The Catcher in the Rye” of J.D.S’s works, but that was enough to show me the light. I will read more.

“…who is defined by the same acute longing for lost innocence of childhood and intolerance to phoniness that would soon become synonymous with Holden…”

Readers my age, and in my era, need more of Salinger-like works. I remember the night(or morning) I ended “CITR”. It was 5:00 AM in the morning, and after ending it, i went straight up on the highest point of my hostel roof, and sat there, looking at the darkness before the dawn. The world suddenly seemed more alien, more clear  and a little far away than usual. The feeling was a little disconcerting, which is when you are faced with an unusual and discomforting truth, but clarity of sensation was acute.

Sign O’ the Times….


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