>Morning Tea-My way


Reading EYE: The Sunday Express Magazine in MT over a dirty cup of tea on a Sunday late morning is such a “Yeah! it is ME” experience 🙂

Last Sunday it started, it carried on this Sunday, thanks to Aditya who took the trouble to take me to MT. As i noticed too well today, the language used in EYE, is so vivid, so trenchant, that i was reading the article with frequent gasps of amazements, pointing out to Aditya, lines of pure awesomeness :). Read an awesome article on changing blogging culture in India, along with others. And yeah, mastered the art of riding the bicycle with only one paddle with quite dexterity 🙂

Exams ended yesterday, last one at 6 PM.

This Sunday is all mine 🙂

Lisa Ray puts it in her blog so beautifully and succinctly:  I write to understand.


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